Introducing Life-Meter™

A Tool For Child Caregivers

Prevent emergency hospital visits, brain damage, and even death.

The Life-Meter™ was developed in response to the thousands of child tragedies which occur annually due to Hyperthermia, or heat related illness. The results are thousands of hospital visits, many of which are fatal. We believe, with a little reminder, many of these tragedies could have been prevented.

The Life-Meter™ is a commercial mylar decal with a temperature indicator applied to the surface and a UV coating to prevent fading. The temperature indicator ranges from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This product provides a clear message to parents and child caregivers to not forget children in the car.

Life-Meter™ provides caregivers a long-term visual reminder!

With a Life-Meter™ on your car window it will provide a non offensive reminder to child caregivers who may have left a child unattended in a vehicle. Our mission is to save lives and our product, the Life-Meter™, will help accomplish this.

Our patent pending thermometer decals are self adhesive, 8.5" tall, 2.75" wide and easy to install. To install, simply peel back the adhesive backing, place thermometer decal in position and apply to the inside of your window. These may also provide an excellent way to increase public awareness and remind caregivers of their little ones!

With a Life-Meter™ displayed on your vehicle or your child caregivers vehicle, a constant long-term visual reminder is created and parents and families feel much safer.

Life-Meter™ Fun for Kids - Educates Cargivers - Educates Families.

Life-Meter™ installs to the inside of your window.

Thermometer attaches wherever you choose.

Liability Form Included in Every Package.



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